a nickname for your dumbass friend that does not realize you are making fun of their whiteness. they cannot get tan and so instead uses makeup that makes their face orange. they are very airheaded, stupid, and cannot think for themselves.
"who is that dumb white hoe ?"
"ohh that slut ? that's casper"
by god is good November 29, 2012
A dope ass character from the movie "KIDS" directed by Larry Clark in 1995. He's pretty much homies with the main character "Telly". He wears skater clothes, independent white T-shirt, and these sick ass chino pants, with low top converse. He has crazy black hair, and he loves the booze and the weed. He's funny, charming, dopey, short tempered skateboarder. He's also a bit sick and twisted but so is everyone in the movie.
*Casper sucks the cool aid out of a tampon* "my girls got mad flava! *slurp* heavy flow"

*Casper kicks a black guy on the ground* "suck my dick *kick* suck my dick *kick* suck my dick"
by JewBean August 14, 2011
When you go to sleep caused by extreme friendliness from Casper the Friendly Ghost
Guys I am tired. Time to go Casper!
by fellaswag June 03, 2013
1. the gay ghost
2. the fat boy
3. the slob
4. the wanna be thug
5. poser
6. the idiot
7. the gullible
8. pussy whipped bitch
9. whore
Harry William Poehlitz JR is such a fuckin CASPER.
by ShrekKoolaidMarshmallowCavalie August 15, 2011
The real meaning of 'going casper' is turning pale white, getting sick, and not talking at all. This happens after long blazing sessions, probably after using some kind of nice roor bong.
After two kief bowls out the 3 foot percolated Roor, I was fucking haunted by casper.
by stef greens April 28, 2009
An albino person or persons.
Back in my old home town we used to have a coule Caspers that would hang out with us.
by BrandonBrandon September 17, 2006
<verb> To force sexual intercourse on an unconscious person without said person's consent. (A reference to an infamous scene involving Chloe Sevigny <Jennie> and Justin Pierce <Casper> from the 1995 motion picture "Kids".)
"Dude, you straight caspered her last night? That's pretty wrong..."
by Ricky Ross III April 21, 2008

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