In tennis, a cheater. When it's a close line call, they hook the point away as their own instead of giving it to their opponent. It comes from the word hooker. So when you call someone captain it's like Captain Hooke.
Sami: That point was mine, it hit the line!

Hayley: No it didn't, it's my point!

(Next day Sami sees Hayley and says...)

Sami: Hey captain!
by mia bo bia banana fana fo fia August 15, 2008
A rank in a police, sheriff or fire department, usually the commander of a team or group of officers.

A male captain will sometimes offer to any female.... Want a little Captain in ya?!
Captain, my captain.... Yes please put a little captain in me!
by D0c February 22, 2006
Short for Captain Morgan's. Mostly reffering to the Captain's "Orginal Spiced Rum". 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof). Not great on taste, better if you mix it with juice or coke. I'd suggest anybody to eat something with it when you drink it lest you get sick.
Me and Brother Brown split a bottle of Captain.
by Bill "Beefy" Jones January 08, 2006
The leader in a gay sex orgy, he often takes the more central role in the activities. The term 'captain' is often followed by a number denoting the number of parties involved.
The leader of a five man sex orgy would be known as 'captain5'.
by Rocko February 12, 2004
noun: a jackass or figure of authority worthy of slander
Hello I mean officer.
by a lonley whore January 01, 2004
v.t.; to appropriate unabashedly and often imperiously something not belong to oneself, usu. not of great value; to steal shamelessly
I put my coat on the back of that chair to reserve it, but Bob just came over and captained my seat!
by atemperman April 20, 2003
Word used to express good things, joy or awesomeness.
- Do you like my new jacket?
- It's captain!

- How was your weekend in Amsterdam?
- It was well captain!
by Drinkbord December 29, 2011

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