n. Hardened Cock. Erect Penis. Pan Handle
The captain stood to attention, and entered the ladie's garden.
by Stouffer November 07, 2002
(n). An older, traditional term for a White boss.
"Captain, you need extra hands laying track on the number 3 rail line?"
by z-da-man November 08, 2013
I really have never used this term but...I read a reference to it in regards to Steve McNair's murder.

Basically it sounds like another word for "sugar daddy". An older man who takes care of a younger woman by buying her things, paying bills for her, etc.
Every man I know has a little Captain in him. We see a pretty young thang working her way through nursing or cosmetology school and it's just in our nature to pay a cellphone bill, a car note or get her nails done.
by CapitalCityGoofball July 08, 2009
A rank in a police, sheriff or fire department, usually the commander of a team or group of officers.

A male captain will sometimes offer to any female.... Want a little Captain in ya?!
Captain, my captain.... Yes please put a little captain in me!
by D0c February 22, 2006
The leader in a gay sex orgy, he often takes the more central role in the activities. The term 'captain' is often followed by a number denoting the number of parties involved.
The leader of a five man sex orgy would be known as 'captain5'.
by Rocko February 12, 2004
1)A foolish person.

2) One who has done a good thing; elite.

3) Generic term of reference for anyone.
1) You fucking Captain! Look what you did to my jeans!

2) Way to go, Captain!!

3) Wuzzup, Captain.
by Noodles February 19, 2003

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