Word used to express good things, joy or awesomeness.
- Do you like my new jacket?
- It's captain!

- How was your weekend in Amsterdam?
- It was well captain!
by Drinkbord December 29, 2011
nickname or greeting for a porn fiend; someone who is constantly surfing for porn
"Hey Captain, you better re-laminate your laptop monitor."
by TT Boy December 17, 2003
1)A foolish person.

2) One who has done a good thing; elite.

3) Generic term of reference for anyone.
1) You fucking Captain! Look what you did to my jeans!

2) Way to go, Captain!!

3) Wuzzup, Captain.
by Noodles February 19, 2003
(n.) the sexual act of pouring Captain Morgan into a woman's vaginal crevice, and then proceeding to drink it with a straw

(v.) to commit the act of Captaining

I Captained your mom last night you assclown.
by Taniqua November 04, 2006
a guy thats kinda like a sissy ... a guy that tells a girl he loves her just to get with her and is always falling inlove and is always romantic to girls no matter if he just mett them
guy meets girl:

guy: hey
girl: hi
guy: ur so beautiful ::gives her flowers:: i love u
ME: hahaha look hes captinizing
my homeboy to the guy: wat up captain!
me: lol yea what up captain sav-a-hoe.. she dont wanna be saved dont sava her
"tru story :-p"
by Kevin January 23, 2004

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