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verb: to love with all of your heart and thus change
Tommy captained the Captain all day every day. Then, he kissed her through the phone.
by Coni Pony June 05, 2009
(Australian Slang)- Captain Cook ; To take a look.
To look at, or to point ones attention to
Take a captain at the set on her
by sok August 26, 2003
v.t.; to appropriate unabashedly and often imperiously something not belong to oneself, usu. not of great value; to steal shamelessly
I put my coat on the back of that chair to reserve it, but Bob just came over and captained my seat!
by atemperman April 20, 2003
n. Hardened Cock. Erect Penis. Pan Handle
The captain stood to attention, and entered the ladie's garden.
by Stouffer November 07, 2002
Word used to express good things, joy or awesomeness.
- Do you like my new jacket?
- It's captain!

- How was your weekend in Amsterdam?
- It was well captain!
by Drinkbord December 29, 2011
I really have never used this term but...I read a reference to it in regards to Steve McNair's murder.

Basically it sounds like another word for "sugar daddy". An older man who takes care of a younger woman by buying her things, paying bills for her, etc.
Every man I know has a little Captain in him. We see a pretty young thang working her way through nursing or cosmetology school and it's just in our nature to pay a cellphone bill, a car note or get her nails done.
by CapitalCityGoofball July 08, 2009
In tennis, a cheater. When it's a close line call, they hook the point away as their own instead of giving it to their opponent. It comes from the word hooker. So when you call someone captain it's like Captain Hooke.
Sami: That point was mine, it hit the line!

Hayley: No it didn't, it's my point!

(Next day Sami sees Hayley and says...)

Sami: Hey captain!
by mia bo bia banana fana fo fia August 15, 2008