Customer Assistance Program. The worst ticketing system ever produced. Evidence that even MSFT can top windows Me
Wow this is only the 32nd time C.A.P. asked me to reload for new data.......this ticket.

OMFG C.A.P. crashed again!

My job is not to support C.A.P. its to use C.A.P. to support other issues.
by Technically Supported February 11, 2010
A unit or dose of GHB (Gamma hydroxy butyrate) which is often stored in water bottles. The cap of the bottle is an easy way to measure about 3-5ml which is the usual first dose.
"I did two caps of this funk (GHB), I'm gonna be fucked up"
by jaxxon911 August 20, 2009
A drinking game. Two people sit across from each other, legs extended, touching feet. Your drink sits right about in your croch, with the bottle cap upside down on top of the neck. The purpose it to knock the cap off of the other persons bottle, and when you do, they have to take a drink. For every miss, the next player throws. For every sucessful throw, that player throws again.
Jared - Colin is really drunk man, i
just kicked his ass in caps.

Colin - I'm really drunk!
by Jared Hunter March 24, 2005
to shoot someone in the knee cap.
If the bitch comes around I'm gonin' cap him.
by hunter July 19, 2004
going down on a girl/guy
yo that dude last night gave me some cap and i had multiple orgasm.
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
1. Any drug that comes in a capsule.
2. To cross-out or spray-over a graffiti tag, Either with a thick line or your own graffiti tag. Is a sign of insult and disrespect to the tag and tagger that you spray-over.
1. "Let's go score some caps."
2. "I'm going to come back here tonight and cap that shit piece."
by Diego July 29, 2003
verb: to shoot a person with a handgun
If I ever become a personal-injury lawyer, then cap me in the head.
by atemperman April 20, 2003

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