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Acronym for Cyber Addictive Personality Syndrome, a condition where a person is highly susceptible to becoming addicted to technological gadgets or online tools.
Don't get me started on Twitter 'cause I totally have a bad case of CAPS.
by Ha-Ha Sister June 05, 2009
4 8
Stands for 'Copy and paste'
Used on MSN and other instant messenger services when you want the person you are talking to to copy and paste a section of their conversation with another person into your conversation.

Person X Says:
"This guy is being really annoying. He wont stop complaining!"
Person Y Says:
"Cap it to me"
by AshDav January 16, 2009
18 22
1. To capture or record something.
2. Often replacing any verbs at any time for no apparent reason. Point of this term is to confuse people with random use.
3. Short for "Capture" for video editors (Avid, FCP)

You dude, you ready to cap this video?

Yo, is the paper ready to cap in the printer?

Big rob just capped a 10 mile marathon... While playing conquer club at the same time.
by brown snoopy April 28, 2008
13 17
Shoot or kill usually with a weapon.
If he don't stop playin i'm bout to cap him"
by Jesse-H May 14, 2007
8 12
Cain; LSD; a capsule of a drug
by Lehem October 18, 2003
22 26
A bullet. The projectile that is contained in a "round" or "cartridge".
I will bust a "cap" in yo' ass!!!
by jon October 08, 2003
11 15
"Capture"- as in capturing a video on you computer or capturing a screen shot with your computer or digital camera.
OMG!! Dude can you CAP this line for me?
by Dodeman July 10, 2003
19 23