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43 definitions by bitch

to do something prematurely
I think I jumped the gun on calling her "bitch." she won't talk to me anymore, I guess it was too early.
by bitch November 21, 2002
1. a name for someone who is being a dumbass
2. one who says stupid things
1. quit being suck a fuck head
2. quit saying stupid shit you fucking fuck head
by bitch March 06, 2005
A fine ass bitch.
Man that girl is so peka.
by Bitch October 06, 2003
someone who spokes a shitload of pot, and more than likely wont stop for a while
god damn that guy is such a fucking pothead.
by bitch March 06, 2005
#1 source of all your drum and bass needs
where can i get mp3 of drum and bass?? Oh get off your bitch ass and get me some dnbmp3
by bitch May 03, 2003
A person who looks like they have an ass for a face.
You are a bung face.
by BITCH June 25, 2004
talk to my hand cuz my face ain't listenin'
that bitch was trippin...talk to the hand bitch!
by bitch September 02, 2003