A Floridian slang term for the act of; lying, giving False hope, or never flowing through on what you say you are gonna do.
Boy: yo bruh I fucked that girl Claire last night lol

Boy 2: you cap because Claire was with me, ol capping ass
by kiddfuze February 27, 2014
When you're on IM and accidentally type something with caps lock on, and you go back and say "-Caps" to show that what you said wasn't meant to be all caps.

Said aloud as "Minus caps".

Person 2: Uhh..

Person 1: -Caps. Sorry. xD
by Hmmm, well July 29, 2008
The tips on spraycans which can (and should) be replaced depending on the width or type of coat you're trying to get - namely nice thin lines for that piece you've been working on under the fremont bridge.
Yo I need to get some fat caps so I can bomb that blacktop building downtown!
by pappy August 23, 2003
To shoot somebody down:
To insult, poke fun at, or put down usually in a joking but sometimes intimidating manner;
To expose and embarrass a clown often in front of others for maximum effect;
To publicly humiliate a person or person(s) as somebody watching may be included.
Man, you cap hard on a bitch.

Why you gonna cap on me like dat?

Damn, that's a hard ass cappin motherfucker.
by im515043 May 25, 2007
Usually a plastic bottle cap (possibly from a water or soda bottle) filled to the top with GHB.
We're goin to Crobar?....ight i'll go but ya hook me up with 2 caps to start and more later.

FOUR CAPS IN A ROW?! you're gonna G the fuck out son....

Who's got caps? Do YOU have caps?
by K-TROOPER August 27, 2006
Only known by and eliet group: You have to give it, to get it. It is bloody and sometimes muddy. The scab will soon peal, for that's the way it heals.
C-A-P is easer to give with sandpaper gloves
by C-A-P member December 14, 2010
1. Shoot with a handgun

2. The top part of a mushroom

3. A soccer match
1. This 9mm will cap a nigga.

2. I eat the caps but the stems make me sick.

3. Four goals in 20 caps is not very good.
by Blacqmath June 23, 2010

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