Cap, a take on the ever popular "Jap" (Jewish American Princess), is simply a Christian girl raised in a jewish envrionment who wants nothing more than to be jewish. She owns the usual Jewish clothing staples- Juicy, Kate Spade, Seven Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, Coach, Louis Vutton, etc. etc. She straighens our her already basically straight hair, unlike that of her jewish, curly haired counterparts. She is taller than the average jew, and wishes to be slightly shorter so she too could smash her feet into 4 in heels and not tower over NJB's (nice jewish boys). Jewish mothers accept these women like they would a JAP, and reconize them as one of their own. These women will marry Jews, and assimilate into Jewish society by converting and raising proper whiney jewish children.
OMG, that girl is so Cappy, shes almost as Jappy as Rachel!
by JoJo February 23, 2005
Speaking loudly or yelling, as if Caps lock was on.

"Turn off Caps. You're too loud."
by jsuh September 28, 2009
(Cheap-Ass Phone)
Someone whose phone has massive amounts of static when you try and talk to them, mad echoes in the background, or disconnects during conversation.
My sister had the nerve to try and put my mom and I on three-way, knowing her C.A.P. would disconnect us before we could say "Hi".
by LaTasha Voelkel July 15, 2006
a word used to describe finishing something, originating from college students saving the bottlecaps of handles of liquor. To cap something is to finish it off, preferably with some sort of class. You can do this with bottles, women, drugs, and all sorts of other shit.

For example, finishing a handle involves drinking the last bit, but capping a handle involves saving the cap and throwing the bottle at someone. (classy as fuck)

Can be used in place of almost any word.
Yo dude we capped 3 handles last night.

Whoa, did he cap that chick last night?

Damn man, I capped the last of my shit today, I'm bummed.

Shit dude, I'm capped, I need to get home

Lets cap this shit man, finish it quick.

Hitting on roll niggas big ears and killers
by quepaso November 19, 2012
"Im finna pop a cap in yo ass!"
by LlamaMama902 January 19, 2015
Someone who does not go through with plans with a specific individual or group frequently.
Bill- "Sorry I couldn't make it to your party, I had to go grocery shopping"
Kevin- "You're such a fucking cap Bill!"

"So you're coming to the game right? You're not gonna cap are you?"
by AlphaSwag September 29, 2011
A Floridian slang term for the act of; lying, giving False hope, or never flowing through on what you say you are gonna do.
Boy: yo bruh I fucked that girl Claire last night lol

Boy 2: you cap because Claire was with me, ol capping ass
by kiddfuze February 27, 2014

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