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Cheap ass penny pincher
Bob's work pants have been patched so much that there's nothing left of the original fabric; what a capp.
by The Great White Refridgerator March 11, 2009
9 2
Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System. AKA: "Big Brother"; it allows the government to have access to your personal information so they can run an extensive background check on you whenever you book a flight. Welcome to 1984, folks.

See also: The terrorists have won.
Whoever thought this bullshit system up should be branded a traitor and "capped".
by Ninja Disaster August 27, 2003
10 6
One who like big fat cock in the ass. That can't get a women because his breath smells so bad. Also hates black people.
Don't be a capp.

You are such a capp.
by 13a October 15, 2007
6 22