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A person, or group of persons, who exhibit the following characteristics:

-own more than three yard cars and/or two RVs which must be up on blocks. An extension cord running to the RV is necessary to complete the look. Optional is the standard issue blue tarp covering one or more of the vehicles.

-Huntin' hounds, as many as possible.

-Attack chickens.

-Standard issue Mullet, Nascar shirt(may be substituted with an Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 shirt), and acid wash or camofluage pants.

-Unusual fondness for their siblings.

-Still in mourning over Dale Earnhardt.

Some good places to spot these specimens are the local drag races, Costco during food sample time, and DMV.
Bobby Joe's mullet makes him look so white trash.
by hunter June 22, 2004
A male with a sexual disease.
I ain't cutting wit dat bitch. I ain't going out like willie lump lump.
by Hunter September 14, 2004
Al Qa'ida

Low life filth which resided in Afghanistan.
Terrorists which supported Osama Bin Laden
by Hunter November 19, 2003
has the same meaning as calling someone "sugarplum" or "sweetie". It's a slang version of "babylove" that with a lazy tongue turned it into "babaloo"
Hi Babaloo, how was your day?
by Hunter June 28, 2004
the magical juice that is projected from the peter or released from the poontang at the climax of the one-eyed hokie
jizz;splooge;love juice;product of champions
by Hunter January 12, 2004
when you dont finish the job while conducting sexual activities which causes extreme pain in the balls
dry hump;halfway hand/blow job
by Hunter January 12, 2004
Dodgy terrorists with beards.
Filth that want to oppress the world back into cave dwelling pre-historic neandothols.

Scum which usually come from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Palestine
by Hunter November 19, 2003

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