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Gamma-Butyrolactone. A precursor to GHB; it is converted to GHB upon entering the body. Usually in a dropper bottle and squirted into some type of liquid.
Yo who's got squirts? I'm down for some beee ellll(GBL).
by K-TROOPER August 27, 2006
Abreviated form for GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate). Also for GBL, or any other GHB precursor.
Man I need some gamma for tonight. If it ain't gamma, it ain't good. I'll come over your place as long as there's some gamma over there.
by K-TROOPER August 27, 2006
Usually a plastic bottle cap (possibly from a water or soda bottle) filled to the top with GHB.
We're goin to Crobar?....ight i'll go but ya hook me up with 2 caps to start and more later.

FOUR CAPS IN A ROW?! you're gonna G the fuck out son....

Who's got caps? Do YOU have caps?
by K-TROOPER August 27, 2006
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