the act of canoodling
mandykinz, tyler, nicolas, dani, becca, and dj canoodle together frequently.
by amanda denise July 17, 2008
Making minor revisions, corrective noodling, on an artistic labor of love.
I need to canoodle this draft design, but you get the idea.
by Kirsten Vermulen April 30, 2008
To cuddle nude. Hence cu(nude)dle.
No, I don't think we're ready for that yet. Can't we just canoodle?
by tanq January 14, 2008
swedish word for 'fuck'
'canoodler du' - translation: fuck you
by cookie2105 January 13, 2009
To engage in caressing, petting, or lovemaking.
Camille and I canoodled all night
by Grassy October 05, 2006
to hold ,cuddle ,kiss ,makeout ,bite ,neck ,or just be happy when they are around and want to hold them
omg...troy loves to canoodle with monca all night
by troy the hippie boy April 27, 2006
Another definition of snuggling, but more fun. Or it's a cute display of affection.
"I want to canoodle her face"
by T rOck sTeAdY October 03, 2007

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