Cuddling the Canadian way, i.e. never involving PDA (public display of affection).
In the cinema:

German guy: Let's make out!
Canadian girl: No, not in public! Let's wait until we're home and we'll canoodle all night.
by ZeGearman October 07, 2010
An intense sexual act that occurs between two people who are in love with each other. This act commingly includes kissing, hugging, touching, heavy breathing, and cuddling. More advanced forms involve licking, massaging, straddling, and even possibly biting. The best place to canoodle is in a bed, but can also be accomplished in the back of a vehicle.
Kelly and Tom couldn't wait to get to the hotel and canoodle all night long!
by KLW121982 March 05, 2010
Any or all of the following acts: hugging; holding hands; touching, caressing, massaging, kissing, or licking nonreproductive body parts (neck, stomach, back, lips, etc.)

Approximate synonym of "cuddle"
"I so saw Ashley and Josh canoodling in the park yesterday!"

"Yeah, did you see her hand on his stomach!?"
by President Handell June 06, 2005
The act of lovemaking, credit carding, hiking, chit-chatting, being silly, and having fun.
"Dude, Candace just credit-carded Becky!"
"Sounds like an awesome canoodle session!"

"Be sure to let Ginger know when you guys want to canoodle!"
by buttercup125 August 08, 2008
to canoodle
man:I seen you canoodling with the mayor
Woman:Do you even know what conoodle mean?
man:why yes I do, "canoodle"-too conoodle!
by codyisagayfagandcaseyiscool July 10, 2008
dancing wildly on one another to supafly beats.
Erika and Kyle canoodle while listening to Missy Elliott.
by ERIKYLE (holla) September 30, 2006
To act out in manner outside your normal behavior.
"We went to Las Vegas last week and did a little 'canoodling'"!

Canoodle? Like What?

"Like none of your fucking business that's what"!
by richie s March 06, 2009

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