TO snuggle in a sort of cheesy looking lovey dovey romantic way in public.
its annoying
oh god look at those asshole conoodle
-i know! canoodlers!
someone stop them.
-tell me about it
by YoungYulia October 02, 2006
canoodling to snuggle, or cuddle up with someone
Do you want to canoodle now?
Let's canoodle tonight!
My favorite thing to do with my spouse is canoodling.
by Mrs. Aj October 17, 2005
Irish?; To cuddle through embracing another in a horizontal position with limbs and appendages tightly intertwined.
I "M.H.L." want very badly to "canoodle" with one "S.M.B."
by Your Buddy, AKA: "Me" June 11, 2004
When two beings perform the act of cuddling in the nude.

After Prom, Nicole & Dylan canoodled on the bed.
by Ray Mannew August 31, 2006
v: to cuddle; to spoon. also sometimes used in place of flirting
they canoodled on the couch.
by ashes April 17, 2005
To mess/fuck/screw around with. Flirting, would be a more accurate term.
Arwen likes to canoodle with Lachlan on the Ferris Wheel.
by Bethany August 24, 2004
a public display of affection that involves cuddling
Jill and her boyfriend canoodle at the bus stop in the morning on their way to school.
by Cool Hand Duke October 24, 2007

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