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Sex in which no one can hear or see
noisless but pleasurful silent and unmarking sex

"why are there no wet marks on the bed and why didnt your parents hear us!?"
"I'm a ninja..."
"*gasp* i had ninja sex?!"
by YoungYulia September 14, 2006
Steve Irwin, He recently died because of a stingray barb to the chest that pierced his heart. He was fanous for doing wild and crazy things to educate people on dangerous animals. He had a wife and a young child. Rest in Peace Steve Irwin
known for saying crikey!
Steve Irwin: Crikey!
Soem guy: i love the crocadile hunter
by YoungYulia September 04, 2006
It's a combinations of prancing and flirting and flouncing. It's acting cute to get attention.
Hey *spins around so skirt goes up*
*guy thinks, wow look at her flance*
Jealouse female "augh you little slut stop flancing!"
by Youngyulia April 30, 2006
A drink that consists of grapejuice, rum, and sugar

"mmm this is deliciously squizito"
"what is it?"
"a toxic ninja"
by YoungYulia September 14, 2006
a sexy word for delicious<3
your dress is squizito!
by YoungYulia September 14, 2006
A new word for fucking influenced by the ugyness of the shoes "crocks" or "crocs"
Crocks are so Crocking hidious!
by YoungYulia August 30, 2006
It's from the movie American Dreamz, Dreams with a z.
It is the act of being in love with Omers horrible singing.
Or wanting Omer to be kept on the show
:Are you voting for Omer?
:Hellz yeah! I'm Omer sexual!
by Youngyulia April 30, 2006
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