when a womans pants are so tight or rolled up that you can see the shape of her pussy which looks like an actual camels toe
Whoa! her camel toe is eating her pants!
by Hehehe May 27, 2003
When a womens clothes are to tight and you can acutally see the pussy crater.
Damn!!! I can see your camel toe
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
A frontal wedgie;a wedgie that only women/girls get in their frontal private area.
A random person:"Hey!Look!That ladies got her shorts up her front!She's got a Cameltoe!"
by Rock Goddess May 15, 2005
when a girl have a wedgie on her pussy and read the lips of the pussy.
A great sight :)
" Oh my god i can see her cameltoe"
by Vaginal Intercourse May 21, 2008
when a girls vagina is able to be seen through her pants
I can see your cameltoe, of you know what I mean
by Jamal Booker May 08, 2008
When a woman's vaginal lips are shown through excessively tight pants. Usually sweat pants.
"You know the Don from West 2? She's got massive camel toe. It makes me mad horny."
by Ammar Nassar. Go UW MATH! August 17, 2005
What is a camel toe ?
camel toe is the tight V shape made by her panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.
Notice the way it shows off her crotch? Well, that's a CAMEL TOE or cameltoe.
What cause's a camel toe ?
Officially that issue is still open to debate. Some say
camel toe is caused from wearing very tight clothing, or excessive
Intercourse. :-), etc. But really the issue is the labia's them selves
being to long or asymmetrically shaped, and of course tight
clothing is only going too enhance the cameltoes appearance.
Is showing your camel toe a Bad thing?
Of course not. Just as many women have one Breast that is
slightly larger than the other one.
(NOT that were knocking women or anything.)
Personally at camel toe we feel if a woman has a cameltoe.
She should show it off. Because NOW having a camel toe is
a trendy thing. Just as pet rocks and mood rings use to be.
That's a
camel toe or as some say cameltoe.
by Dave September 07, 2003
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