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a disease you get from sleeping with the olsen twins
Oh man, i did ashley last nite and now i have crabs on my peepee
by lightpost July 19, 2006
when a woman pulls her pants up too far and the hem goes up her vagina and makes everyone in the general area wnat to slit their wrists because it is disgusting
One day, my math teacher Mrs. Morlock walked into class and she had the biggest camel toe ive ever seen!
by lightpost July 19, 2006
What happens when one person cant decide who they want to fuck so they just do everyone and decide afterwards who was better and who they will do again
Last weekend in band camp we all had an orgy because Sue liked Tommy and Billy.
by lightpost July 19, 2006
Myspace is something that people do when they are to lazy to get their fat asses up out of their seats and out of their house and hang out with their friends in real life.
I have a boyfriend on myspace but i havent actually met him yet. Hes really hot but his cock is bigger than mine.
by lightpost July 19, 2006
A gay sport where boys wear spandex and touch each other; an excuse to have other men rub your penis
I learned this new wrestling move,its called chucking oil. Its where you stick your thumb up their ass-hole. Let me show you sweet cheeks....
by lightpost July 19, 2006
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