when girl's wearin pants hella tight that they get a wedgie in their koochie
Her pants were so tight she was sportin' that camel toe
by LADY B January 09, 2005
when a girl wheres a thong that is to tight and u can see the outlines of the vagina,its kinda like a wedgie and looks like a hard taco in her pants ( its great cause girls usually dont know if they have a camel toe and if you look down at it she wont think ur a pervert cause ur not looking at her boobs).
i looked at her pants and saw the two lumps, she didnt care cause i was looking down and not up at her boobs.she didnt know she had a camel toe.
by Flynard August 19, 2008
When the labia (better known as the outer lips of your vaginal region) show through your tight pants or spandex. it comes out in a V shape. The vagina is typically V shaped, which is ironic since the word Vagina starts with a "V." Coincidence? I think not!
check yourself girlll.. you got a camel toe.
by Vagina Hugger March 26, 2009
When a girls downstairs lips push up against her tight pants and you can almost read what they are saying......also known as 'mumblers'!!

Her pants were so tight that I could see her lips moving but I struggled a little to read what they were telling me!!


Him: you have a massive camel toe!
Her: what the hell is a camel toe?
Him: your pussy has teeth and it eating your pants!
by The Lum October 01, 2007
When the woman's pants are so tight you can see how big her pussy is. Something that's worth staring at besides her tits.
Sorority girls have the biggest camel toes. :`D
by urban pervert February 24, 2003
when a girls vagina is able to be seen through her pants
I can see your cameltoe, of you know what I mean
by Jamal Booker May 08, 2008
a woman's vagina that shows through her pants because they are on so tight. Also known as "packing yo yo's" and "moose knuckles"
Damn Liz, those size three jeans are really poking your camel toe. . .
Ma'am, could you please come back inside the store - we have reason to believe that you are packing yoyo's. .
I came to the Memphis zoo to see some wildlife, but all I saw was some ghetto moose knuckles!!!
by Cooter May 23, 2005

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