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Someone who outshines them all. She's got style and she's got class. She is so glamourous that heads turn when she walks in the room. There is also a tendency for haterism to follow after her. She is known for her classy attitude that is sometimes confused with being snobby. She is confident is who she is but never makes anyone feel inferior. She knows who she is and always makes you feel like you are glamourous, too.
Everytime a Norma is around haters follow.

Wow! She must be a Norma!

I feel like a Norma when I am with her.

The glamour of being a Norma.
#glamourous #classy #haterism #boobylicious #style #confidence
by adoobalydoo February 03, 2010
A very trusting person. She is the type of person that would do anything for you. A person you would love to have as a friend. She is a person that loves to shop!!
Norma loves purses.
#trusting #nora #lively #interesting #beatiful
by luvBGE February 03, 2010
A lot of fun! Beautiful! From a wonderful family, and has a TONS of personality!
Norma has the best 2nd cousin in Idaho EVER
#fun #funny #hilarious #entertaining #amusing
by NJcousin February 02, 2010
A rare jewel, that is meant to be treasured. A person that only comes around once in a life time, you do her wrong and she is strong enough to let you go. She's caring of others and is aware of the way people perceive her. She's the kind of person that is kind and afraid to fully give her self to anyone.

She truly is the spotlight of every room. Walk into a room with her, and be prepared to get outshined,her hair always done with perfection, her face always glowing, her clothing always perfectly combined, and her big eyes sparkle every time she smiles; you could truly say that every smile her lips form,unlock her inner beauty. This girl is both beautiful inside and out.
beside the fact that she is hot, She's a good friend with a lot of empathy and compassion towards others. Treat her right, because she truly is one of a kind. Funny, Sarcastic, at times taking jokes a little too far, a little dirty minded, she's the perfect combination
"That girl is beautiful, omg! I'm stunned"
"....yup that's her dude....Norma, i'm telling you i love her!"

She's that one kind of friend that will say hello to you with a giant dorky expression on her face

She's the girl that keeps you from sleeping at night

She twistes your feelings and makes you fall in love with her
#promiscuous #caring #gorgeous #sarcastic #hot #lovely #unique #flawless
by HerbiggestAdmirer November 30, 2012
A slap to another person's buttocks with an open palm.
Hey! Someone just gave me a norma and ran off laughing.
#butt #slap #pervert #palm #buttocks
by mikeyisamofo August 16, 2006
A blonde moment; including, but not limited to: stating the obvious, trying to relate things that can't be related, pretending to understand when there is obviously no understanding, not understanding in general, etc..If u dont understand this its a Norma. Basically, anytime one says something stupid.
"That was totally a Norma."
"I was in class and I had a Norma. My friends are still making fun of me for it. They even started a 'Norma folder'."
#blonde #ditz #duh #joke #intelligent
by Erika, Justin, Jag, Spencer May 16, 2008
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