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Everyone's favorite 5 year-old Vietnamese boy who is a real doctor from America, with a PhD in KICKING YOUR ASS!
Here comes... DR. TRAN!
by Knutemund Freud May 18, 2006
The 5-year old Vietnamese boy who is a doctor with a PhD in kicking your ass who is famous for the 30.000 movies he has appeared in. Such as "3,2,1 Dr. Tran", ""Q"is for Dr. Tran" and Dr. Tran doles out the Harshness", also he will be at your local record store on Tuesdays from 4 til 9 giving out hot American Dickings!
Dr. Tran will be at your local record store, Tuesdays from 4 til 9.
by The iRack February 02, 2009
America's #1 commodity from America! He is one of Leland the cough drop's friends, and has starred in over 30,000 movies all by himself. Such as, "3, 2, 1, Dr. Tran," "Operation: Dr. Tran," "Oh Shit, It's Dr. Tran," "'Q' is For Dr. Tran," and many, many more. He sells ice from a store outside his house, and has had many adventures with his friend Hotel Soap. He has his own fan mail show, and he owns a Ph.D. in KICKING YOUR ASS! And he will kill your mother with a broken lawn chair.
Dr. Tran: "I'm not a moccodity!"
by Sora2767 July 09, 2010
America's favorite spy/doctor with over 30,00 movies made! He also humps George Lucas in the mouth(for America), hands out HOT AMERICAN DICKINGS (in a cowboy hat at your local record store on Thursdays from 9-6), and enjoys eating HICORY SMOKED HORSE BUTTHOLES....from a cup.

P.S. Your mother is on his list to be murdered after being pleased like she never has been before!!
The definition tells all about Dr. Tran.

But dont forget Hotel Soap! Because all girls love his IRRESISTIBLE BALLS!!!

Cocaine is also vitamins for Hotel Soap.
by coolade1 May 13, 2011

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