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Bothered. See also arse and arsey
I really can't be aresed to do anything at work today!
by Steven Norgate January 31, 2003
The verb "arsed"
Synonym: bothered
"I couldn't be arsed."

"He wasn't arsed."

An example of how this is used in conversation:
"What do you want for tea?"
"I don't know, I'm not arsed."
by Kelly December 22, 2004
A verb meaning "to be bothered", and invariably used in the past tense and in conjunction with the words "couldn't be". It originated in the North of England.
"Did you mow the lawn yesterday?

"No - it was too nice a day. I couldn't be arsed."

This usage probably derives from the phrase "to move your arse", meaning to "stir yourself to get something done".
by Bedford Falls September 11, 2009
Cannot or will not make the effort. Does not give a shit.
1. Some contributors can't be arsed with their spelling. see "aresed"
2. "Don't go makin' a half arsed job of it"
by Hoots November 23, 2005
1) That little town on the road to Heavington between Plowed and Blotto

2) Irretrievably drunk - past the point of it being fun but short of it being dangerous.
1) Check out Phil over there at the bar clinging to his stool like he's riding piggyback - methinks our boy be arsed!

2) OK, I'm arsed. If I get to the morning without hurling, I deserve a fecking medal.
by The Evil Steve August 17, 2005
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