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Dance move that white guys tried to have catch on to confuse women into thinking that white guys have rhythm. Successfully performed when both your shoulders and fists (which are placed together in a manner that looks like you just connected both ends of an extension cord) move in time with each other in a fluid, circular motion. All the rage in the late 80's and early 90's.
"Jeremiah did the cabbage patch at a youth group mixer, and all the white girls flocked to him because he tricked them into thinking that he had rhythm. He's really a poser."
by Nick February 04, 2004
The part of a hospital or mental institution reserved for patients in a vegetative state. Also called "vegetable garden".
The gunshot victim had irreversible brain damage, so he was taken to the cabbage patch.
by pentozali October 03, 2008
The pubic hair that grows on the male testicles.
1. Dude that bitch last night put my balls in her mouth. She didn't expect a cabbage patch!

2. I have such a bad cabbage patch that I had to shave it.

3. We all saw his cabbage patch when he went into the shower naked.
by Kralki August 12, 2011
the act of bending forward over the toilet bowl to successfully take a leak with morning wood.
Byron: Pissing in the mornings can be such a pain in the dick.
Edward: Dude, we've all done the cabbage patch before.
by BryaSaurus June 15, 2011
A Highly unattractive woman, usually with nice flowery names such as 'Rose'. Dont be fooled, this does not hide the fact that they are Rank!
These women can only get pregnant by forcing drunk, paraletic, incoherent males into having sex with them.

Cabbage Patch women generally have unshaven vaginas which contain so much acidity they would literally cause a males penis to rot (see Knobrot). They also smell of fish.

The use of foul language is usually emitted from a 'Cabbage Patch' on a very regular basis, generally aimed towards their child.
Look at the state of that Cabbage Patch over there, what a fucking Rotter! I bet the bloke who fucked that has got severe Knobrot!
by SproggleBump July 18, 2010
A Cabbage Patch is a slag used to imply the person on the receiving end is an idiot or although a normal able bodied person, intellegance wise resembles someone born with mental defect.In typical daily slang the word "Cabbage" has of recent times adopted the new meaning of "idiot" or "moran" so a cabbage patch, effectively the birth place of many multitudes of cabbages is a multible of an idiot.
John:"Hey Greg, why would you think it's a smart idea to eat soup with a fork. You're such a cabbage patch."
by philamb January 30, 2012
Term for : Ugly/Geeky people who think they Are the cutest thing alive & can get with anyone they want when in all reality no body likes them. pretty much just an Ugly conceited person whom nobody likes.
Girl: Ew, was that eddy over there just trying to hit on you?

Friend: ughh yeaa! he is suchh a cabbage patch. he thinks he's soo cool with his 99 cent pay-less shoes when no body even likes him, he doesn't even have any friends.

Girl: HA! i don't blame people for not wanting to be someone's friend who's THAT ugly & conceited!
by Green_Ducks September 22, 2010
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