Noun, (Cab-age Pat-ch); A Term That Refers To The Females Reproductive Organ As Well As There Anus When Connected By A Thick Patch Of Pube's, Ergo The Name Cabbage Patch.
by Quents! March 07, 2010
a plethora of curly pubic hair that form a wavy look
I was fucking this guy last night, and his whole crotch was a cabbage patch
by Black Lasagna April 27, 2011
A term used for a red head- due to the fact 'cabbage patch kids' had tendencies to be red haird and have freckles. Also a slang used for the box of a red headed female.
1. Jade you crazy ass cabbage patch, BEAT IT!
2. Them brunettes have a thing for that cabbage patch...
by Alotafagina May 04, 2006
A cash machine or any other Automated Teller that dispenses currency, aka money, dosh, green, cabbage.
I ain't got no money. Lemme stop at the cabbage patch.
by Josephus April 12, 2007
This occurs when a female that has a regular shaven vagina, fails to shave the backside of her butt hole, thus creating a small tuft of hair.
Damn dude, that girl last night had a nasty cabbage patch!
by Golden Haan November 14, 2006
A Magical place where babies come from.
A child once asked "Mommy can I have a little sister?" and the mother replied," Shhitt, you better take yo ass to the cabbage patch!"
by Gia Crews March 08, 2005
A novice or novices in a public laser tag arena, representing easy targets for more experienced players.
Ranger eliminated the cabbage patch during the first few minutes of the game, leaving the way clear for the real contest with Phason and Quicklash.
by Ailouros Mys February 08, 2008

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