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Usually a larger robuste woman wearing plaid and elastic waist pants, that truly enjoys buffets. Visiting cheap buffets 3-4 times a week, often calling in advance to reserve a table up close for less walking. Staff know her by name. Buffet Queens look at eating as a technique.
Oh my gawd! Here comes the Buffet Queen...HIDE THE FRIED CHICKEN! Is she sweating gravy????
by Alotafagina May 04, 2006
Havin the ambition and drive to do everything and anything to make mad money. See hustler... Also a term used for "tryin to obtain sum booty".
1. I've been hustlin nonstop to get that Escalade
2. I was hustin Alyssa at the club...See was WILD!
by Alotafagina April 17, 2006
A term used for a red head- due to the fact 'cabbage patch kids' had tendencies to be red haird and have freckles. Also a slang used for the box of a red headed female.
1. Jade you crazy ass cabbage patch, BEAT IT!
2. Them brunettes have a thing for that cabbage patch...
by Alotafagina May 04, 2006
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