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the hair present around a womens vagina, often well kept, clean and attractive to be worthy of the term "foliage".... the antithesis of a jungle which implies a gross and untamed pussy.
"i enjoy anything that adds foliage to the punani area"

- Ali G
by Bryan and Carlos August 11, 2005
Unnecessary items purchased to provide a distraction from an embarrassing, much needed, item. The embarrassing item will be placed, casually, underneath or behind the foliage item(s) in the hopes that the cashier won't notice what one is actually buying.
"Why on earth did you buy Oprah Magazine and beef jerky?"

"I had to get condoms and needed the foliage."
by dsharpie1 April 13, 2010
The flower to be give that tests a couple's love.
Man, I gave her foliage instead of roses and yet she stayed with me that's love...
by bigred2121 April 13, 2010
The word used to express when two people, who most think are in love, flirt.
Andrew and Sarah were bantering so Martin and Maddy started yelling "foliage"!
by Folioligist January 05, 2009
Marijuana. For use when you don't want people to knwo what you're talking about.
"Wow man, I'm so messed up. That was some great foliage, huh?"
by spammy June 26, 2003
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