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adj. Condition that occurs when someone is surfing (in the ocean) and suddenly finds his/herself surrounded by other surfers. Syn. crowded. Especially found in Southern California on holiday mornings.
Even though we got in the water early, by 9am, we were flocked.
by Alicat73 December 05, 2007
when a bunch of college males(normally the biggest group douche bags you've ever met), get together, have a party, and try to have sex with as many girls as possible by any means necessary.
hey did you hear about those girls getting flocked" "yea dude what a bunch of douchers
by flocking_is_fucking_retarded December 19, 2010
Past tense of flock. Short for "friends locked" on Livejournal, a security setting that grants viewing access to approved members only.
I keep my pr0n flocked so my coworkers don't know how much I love teh buttsecks.
by coellcmu August 05, 2007
To be screwed over, cheated, dicked over, fucked or swindled.
When the truck driver went to deliver his material for the day and another truck driver cut in front of him he realized he had just been flocked.
by Jasper78 August 18, 2012
when someone is partying, smacked, getting mad bitchEs, and just going hard in the paint like WOKA FLOCKA FLAME
"dude are you trying to get drunk and get some pussy tonight?"......"fuck yea! im trying to get FLOCKED!!!
by McGanja Goon 69 November 30, 2010