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synonym for awesome, cool, kickass.
dude, this song is so gunshots.
#awesome #legit #badass #kickass #excellent
by dj524 September 20, 2010
word used by gangstas and PG's representing gun fire or just for fun
by Woody May 01, 2003
When a guy has not jacked off or had sex for a long time, therefore when he has sex he lasts a few pumps and jizzes.
Girl: What the fuck, why did you cum so fast?
Guy: Its been three goddamn weeks since we fucked, I was guns hot
#jizz #cum #sex #guns #hot
by Charles Skellington October 10, 2011
Recieved by all black men.
On his 15th birthday, little Jamal received a gunshot!
by Poopsy July 03, 2003
a term used to describe an engagement. When your guns are hot, youre shooting, so youre "going in for the kill" so to speak.
hayden - "see that fine bitch over there?"
me: -" yeah"
hayden: - 'im about to go guns hot on that skank."
#trap #life #guns #hot #bitch #faiel
by MurderCow September 24, 2012
A crap that shoots out of your butt at high velocity. see popper and crap
Ay chingado, acaba de hacer un gunshot, se salió como un pinche revolver
by Miguel January 04, 2004
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