Top Definition
The shortened version of the shoe, timberland
Mai timbs is ill, kikkz is clean
by Genuinely Speaking March 03, 2003
timberlands, shoes, brand
u wanna say im chinese son well heres a reminder, check yo timbs they probulbly say made in china
by aaaa March 23, 2005
dress code for the streets
I coped those fold over timbs for my boyfriend because they so gangsta.
by TecTina October 16, 2003
Titties In My Ballsack.

A shortened swear for situations that warrant that level of implausible imagery.
Me: *steps on a lego while barefoot* SWEET LORD OF TIMBS, THAT HURT!
by Jacks413 January 01, 2014
another term for marijuana
yo go get that white owl and roll up them timbs nigga
by easy October 07, 2003
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