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1.(n)a sleazy,sex crazed,rock junkie who has no tolorance for "gay-ass art rock",
and little consideration for the feelings of "gay-ass art rockers".

2. (v) to do anything; sexual, rude, loud, violent, or nasty in a manner identical to that of a Blitch
1) (n) I saw Blitch last nite at Cups slaggin on a Wilco fan.

2) (v) The Wilco fan got his ass totaly blitch-slaped.
by fan May 19, 2004
amazing singer of evanescence. she is so talented, with the most incredible voice, she also plays piano and writes songs. she even says herself that she is not a goth, so people who call her a wannabe goth r just dumb. she is also stunning.
i saw evanescence in concert they were amazing
by fan March 13, 2005
singer of band evanescence, with the most amazing voice, she also plays piano and writes songs. she even says herself that she is not a goth, so anyone who calls her a wannabe r just dumb and should go insult someone else. she is also stunning
i love evanescence they are incredible
by fan March 13, 2005
Name of a famous RTCW player.

Found by Spaj himself. The pwnerer of the RTCW scene. Widely ph33r3ed and highly appreciated.
Aplaxx got lugered by Spaj.

Kaos got completely outwitted and knifed by Spaj.
by Fan April 11, 2005
Only the best ska band in the DC metropolitan area!!!! psh
by Fan January 12, 2005
Guy who runs the website www.danniifer.com
have you ever talked to danniifer?
by Fan March 13, 2005
1. An indeterminate gender. 2. A man, such, who is a gender unto himself. 3. A highly disturbing topic of conversation, ranking almost with that of Jiharn.
<Eden99> Of course! ^.~
* Eden99 huggles Fan, and rubs his hands down Fan's back.
<Fanatic72802> o_O;;;
by Fan December 05, 2003

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