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inciting violence and public disorder
It was time to “burn” the minister.

by BeeBian Valakissssnamm August 25, 2010
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Coding an application or developing a web page
Did you see that website. That's a cool burn.
by gr1145 September 20, 2008
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Another word used for marijuana
Yo bro, want to go get some mad burn?
by we$ January 03, 2008
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to use fuel to deliver power to a vehicle.
"What does this van burn? (regular, unleaded, etc.)
by Morilla August 28, 2007
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Something some people do.

They heat up an object, usually metal, and burn their skin. Usually in signs, pictures, or word. Generally extremely depressed.
Im gunna go home and burn for a while.
by Chelsiiii April 29, 2007
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In use in South Africa in the 60s and 70s - means to drive at excessive speed. When two or more vehicles are involved, a 'burn' became a 'dice'
"Hey, Jack, those are nice wheels. let's go for a burn."
by Mike Hawkins September 12, 2005
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To smoke marijuana in any fashion with any type of smoking device.
"Hey man, want to burn?"

"Man, we burned a blunt last night and I was so high!"

"Bro, I was at the beach burning and surfing all day"
by Dirty Duval April 10, 2009
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