to get high on marijuana
Hey man, do you burn?
by Anonymous November 15, 2002
Someone who has no ethics and is money driven.
ie Mr Burns from the Simpsons
The head of the company is a real Burns.
by The Dux March 22, 2008
A noun to describe the horrible way you feel in your stomach after seeing an ass hole named steve. When you have the burns you dont want to go outside or see anyone, you just want to stay inside and rot from the inside as steve's lies seep through you.
(n) burns can also be an adjective (always conjugated with s) to describe this feeling
or an adverb (burnsly) to portrait the horrible way steve did an event.
I hope Greg is alright, the one time i was burns was after he took a shit on my moms house... that was the worse feeling since the time i woke up naked in an old mans truck.
by J4k Bl4k July 01, 2010
i smoke.

to smoke weed, marijuana, cigarrete, blunt or a tobacco.
john: brother, whats up; what you've been up to?
Matt: Nuthing much, chillen burning.
john:you smoke
Matt: yeah nigga i burn.
by x3palOma July 31, 2009
When tou horribly diss someone infront of thier friends,then a friend says BURN!
"ohh yeah well your ugly." "but you have huge nostils and look like a fag." "BURN!"
by cram morebeera October 03, 2005
Tokes on a spliff. You usually have about 3 or 4 tokes in a set of burns before passing it on.
"Rollers 1st burns" - Whoever rolled the joint
"Charles, I do believe those are MY burns you are having" - Critch
"I'm gettin 2nd burns" - Basically anyone who has ever smoked a spliff
by Jake September 10, 2005
A way to tell someone off without actually doing it
ex: your mom
Leanne:"Oh burn! Want some ice?"
Barney:"Yes ma'am"
by Burt Renoylds August 15, 2005

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