A Response To A Negitive Phrase, Noun or Insult.
Adam Just Got Burned By Greg. Or A Bad Report Card.
by Adam and Greg November 24, 2007
Description of an individuals severely bad mental condition, usually due to excessive drinking.

Comes from the Famous "Jim Burns"...
"You were wasted last night... remember telling everyone they hated you? You had a touch of the Burns going there!"
by Jamie August 13, 2003
Prison Slang used to describe Tobacco
"Just going to get some burn Gov" or "can i have a skinny burn Gov?"
by Flintoff April 24, 2012
An insult that is totally epic.Probably more epic to Michael Kelso.
"Dude I just saw Donna with Kasey" "OOOO burn!"
by Scenekid February 26, 2012
inciting violence and public disorder
It was time to “burn” the minister.

by BeeBian Valakissssnamm August 25, 2010
burn is a term used to add humor to a odd situation where one of your friends has been told of
you would use "burn" if one of your friends got told off by the teacher such as "#Timmy you got detention" then you would say "burn"
by bigbother10 July 31, 2009
said to refer to something as being good or cool etc..
yo, when you get the jacket man!? That is burn that, that is proper burn g!
by RIKTLI March 18, 2009

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