In use in South Africa in the 60s and 70s - means to drive at excessive speed. When two or more vehicles are involved, a 'burn' became a 'dice'
"Hey, Jack, those are nice wheels. let's go for a burn."
by Mike Hawkins September 12, 2005
To smoke marijuana in any fashion with any type of smoking device.
"Hey man, want to burn?"

"Man, we burned a blunt last night and I was so high!"

"Bro, I was at the beach burning and surfing all day"
by Dirty Duval April 10, 2009
When you are high/drunk/rolling and you don't want anyone to find out, but you are making it REALLY obvious...
*High person laughing at themselves and dancing in the street randomly*
"Dude, stop dancing! Stop! It's a burn!"

*Amy keeps telling Johnny his eyes are really dilated*
"Shutup, Amy, you're totally burning me!"
by Freddy the Fun-Loving Dino December 07, 2008
To leave quickly without fanfare
Sorry, I had to burn earlier cause my mom wanted me to come home and water the cactus.
by blink safely please February 09, 2007
When Kain Highwind got a response of "She's not missing an eye, she's just winking." in a topic.
"Kain got burned"
by durrhurr June 22, 2009
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