When you are high/drunk/rolling and you don't want anyone to find out, but you are making it REALLY obvious...
*High person laughing at themselves and dancing in the street randomly*
"Dude, stop dancing! Stop! It's a burn!"

*Amy keeps telling Johnny his eyes are really dilated*
"Shutup, Amy, you're totally burning me!"
by Freddy the Fun-Loving Dino December 07, 2008
verb. to smoke weed.
hey guys, let's go burn this purple kush.
by BakedBuddha October 05, 2008
To leave quickly without fanfare
Sorry, I had to burn earlier cause my mom wanted me to come home and water the cactus.
by blink safely please February 09, 2007
When Kain Highwind got a response of "She's not missing an eye, she's just winking." in a topic.
"Kain got burned"
by durrhurr June 22, 2009
shoot somebody.
Let me get my tool, I'm finna burn me a nigga!
by RezBurna March 04, 2009
To void excrement from the bowels through the anus; have a bowel movement.
After eating all that Mexican food I need to make burn.
by theo4 January 07, 2007
To meet up and drive somewhere in large groups.
If you want to burn, meet me up at the park
by James L. Reyes October 02, 2006

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