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A singer from the islands that got famous with her hit single "Pon De Replay."
Rihanna runs in the club when no one is shooting.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
A very good rapper that is real but not necessarily a lyricist. HE talks about how real the hood is even if some of his rhymes are nursery rhymes.
First Im gunna stack my flow.

Then imma stack some moe.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
Famous for hit "Give Me That Pussy." Next to Mike Jones he is the only person with a popular video that is of uncut quality.
I would never give pussy to Lil Webbie
by _lovely August 13, 2005
A crunk group that became famous with their hit single "Knuck If You Buck." But since then they have fell off and rumors are speculating that the two females of the group are making their own CD. Which will do worse than the fist one. When their song comes on someone always seems to get into a fight and the party gets shut down.
When Crime Mob's Knuck if you Buck came on Travis got stole in the face.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
v. to have sex so much you gain a reputation.
Oh James? No I don't go with him, he be burnin.
by _lovely September 05, 2005
Stands for Extensive Anal Penetration. It is when a girl gets done in the ass all the time. How white girls have asses.
Becky has a big ass. It must be from EAP.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
A show on BET that features uncencored videos.
Did you see those ass shaking hoes on uncut last night?
by _lovely August 13, 2005

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