"but unfortunately not dead yet."
"she's such a fubar. why the hell is she bundy?!!?"
by chainsawieldinun May 07, 2005
Bundaberg. A brand of alcohol.
Hey Robbo, chuck us another Bundy, will ya?
by Rollo47 July 11, 2003
(n) Irregular underwear, found loose in a bin. Usually discovered at a dirt mall, flea market, or other discount venue.

Note 1: Irregularities are generated through factory mistakes in mass-production.

Note 2: In most cases, people find that in spite of the substantial discount, the low cost of bundies is not worth the trade. Due to a lack of packaging, you do not know where bundies have been. In addition, most irregularities make bundies so uncomfortable they are functionally useless.
While rummaging through a big crate of bundies, I found a pair of tighty whities with one leg hole too big, and one leg hole too small, but that was nothing compared to the boxer shorts with a collar.
by bundies February 27, 2010
Verb - Buhn-Dee To thumb yourself in the ass. Repeatedly.
Christian Andrew Bundy did the bundy last night.
by Brittany Atkinson June 13, 2011
Is an acronym for "But unfortunately not dead yet" Usually prefixed with FUBAR.
Dude 1:"His company got hit with several mortars."
Dude 2:"Damn, what's their condition?"
by Dimitrii Michhailovich March 09, 2011
To get absolutely wrecked... Short for bundled, like when you bundle something together.. Mostly for huge hockey hits.
man you got bundled...

or you look like bundy mcdaniels.

did you bundy that fat chick last night?
by Dwolf9952 April 12, 2010
1) Any male, that seems like he is going to kill you and stuff you in a VW Bug. This guy is charming, good-looking, sharp, and has eyes that are empty and soulless. He is a serial killer....or just a little bit stalky.

2) Named for Ted Bundy, he is the reason you became a dog person. He waits patiently, picking the right moment to victimize you. He's the boogie-man.
-I wanted to go out tonight, but there was a bundy outside. I'm staying in to protect my special parts.
-He was a bundy. He gave me goosebumps. Don't go anywhere alone. There are bundys out there.
by Acire.siem909 July 27, 2014

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