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Australian term.
1. Something or someone that is a bit suspicious, doesn't seem quite right. Doesn't seem the real deal.

2. Slack, broken, worthless or useless.

3. Not very appealing.
1. That car salesman seemed a bit dodgey.

2. This old car is pretty dodgey.

3. That band last night were pretty dodgey.
by Susan Blu January 05, 2004
Similar in meaning to the word "Dodgy", however this carries a stronger meaning.
"This carrot is dodgy."

or, where a stronger term is needed...

"Taco_Demon is dodgey"
by amenoire August 10, 2006
Another name for Holden. Instead of "That car is a Holden" it is quite acceptable to say "That car is dodgey!"
Thats the most dodgey car ive ever seen!!!
by Siwep February 07, 2007
British slang for male homosexual

(usually slang for suspicious or unreliable
as in "Don't toss the ball hard at me - I got a dodgey wrist...)

Like in the British "coming out" film "Get Real" - "I mean you're not really -- dodgey?" "Yeah, I'm dodgey."
by dahboi March 26, 2009
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