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an easy way of getting rid of that boring person on msn
instead of making up a lame excuse u just say g2g
and then talk 2 your other friends!!!
betsy- so wots been happening...blah blah blah
taetard- --zZZzZ-- oh poo g2g
by taetard February 16, 2007
the poo that you pooped because you ate a fibre cereal or drink
reg-hey man i gotta go take a fibre-shit
bon- you serious!!!
by taetard March 08, 2007
bunderberg rum...real aussie booze
only tossa wanna bees call it bunderberg rum ie the name bundy
benno- oi im...not pissed yet can u grab me a bundy or 2 with cola
by taetard March 09, 2007
2second memory...a person who 4getses stuff real quik
trev- oi have u seen my pen nywhere???
bono- WTF goldfish mem u had it lyk 2 secs ago!!!
by taetard March 09, 2007
a stinky fart that smells that smells like the compost!!!
maths room:
yay dub maths in the compost bin cant he stop eating cabbage
yay no organic-fart smells out here!!!
by taetard March 10, 2007
on ho days when you go 2 the beach and little guys are goin round nudy and they have little willies(not that im pervin...gross!!!)
taetard- oh no qwik swim here cum a stak of nilly willys!!!
by taetard March 10, 2007
the bestest word in the whole dam world,
can be used 4 nearly anything
1. i did shit arse in that test
2. ur shit arse
3. i h8 mondays theyr shit arse
4. shit arse no way that is so koo
5. u are so shit arsing me...arnt u???
6. shit arse, that is so fun 2 say!!!
by taetard March 10, 2007

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