A term used to describe a very Angry Lesbian. Derivative of abbreviation A.L. and allusion to Al Bundy of the 1990 sitcom "Married With Children."
"Betsy got really pissed after that dude told he liked her two-toned mullet. Then she punched him in the face."

"Yeah, that girl is such a Bundy."
by Il Castrato April 15, 2013
bunderberg rum...real aussie booze
only tossa wanna bees call it bunderberg rum ie the name bundy
benno- oi im...not pissed yet can u grab me a bundy or 2 with cola
by taetard March 09, 2007
1: Bundaberg rum. A mass produced golden rum made in Queensland, Australia. Renound for its logo and mascot, the Bundy Bear.

2: Australian for leave, or exit, particularly in a club or party atmosphere. Derived from 1, it is rhyming slang from "run"
1: steve-"feng us another bundy mate"

2: stevo-"This band sucks"

steve-"We bundy?"

by thejacks September 16, 2009
n. A desperate act accompanied by failure, usually caused by extreme poverty or irredeemable luck.
I made a white-trash sandwich with steak-umms, ketchup, and cheese-whiz, and white bread. It tasted like shit. I pulled a bundy.

He pulled a bundy and bought a crappy 1978 Dodge station wagon.
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
someone who is married with children
now that i'm a bundy i can't just go out every night
by burd atwork August 17, 2010
A person that loves bags of dicks. He likely has a small penis. Usually, he has a dicky-doo but it appears to be a FUPA because it is so small. He thinks he knows everything but is usually just confused. A person who loves nascar but only gay drivers like Jeff Gordon. Also, a false injury.
Ira: What is wrong with that Soldier?

Levi: Yea it looks like he has a FUPA and is limping.

Frank: Yea he is just another regular Bundy.
by pawpaw84 August 13, 2010
1.) a bundy is the creepiest male figure at a party, no matter what his age. The Bundy can be a person who is too "grabby" or says weird things. To name a bundy you must use part of the creepy persons name and add it before the word bundy.
1.) " When Rick started getting "handsy" with all the girls at Coach's Pub, he was designated the creepy grabber, better known as Ricky Lo Bundy."

2.) "for example Rick Loman + Bundy = Ricky Lo Bundy"
by Members of the CPC December 04, 2006

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