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n. Stevens Institute of Technology, located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Mostly used by alumni of the said institution.From "Stevens" spelled backwards.
Yeah, Snevets sux; I went to it because the UNIX lab is good, and that's it. Bleh.
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
n. something disgusting. from "nasty". alternate spelling of "nast".
Holy sheeaight, dat is sum kickin' gnast, yo!
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
1. n. an idiot
2. n. someone who is ignorant of the most basic of sexual abilities.
Try harder... your fuck is shit, dickmilk!
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
n. A desperate act accompanied by failure, usually caused by extreme poverty or irredeemable luck.
I made a white-trash sandwich with steak-umms, ketchup, and cheese-whiz, and white bread. It tasted like shit. I pulled a bundy.

He pulled a bundy and bought a crappy 1978 Dodge station wagon.
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
1. n. Ejaculate from a male as a result of fellatio, consumed orally by the one performing the service.
2. n. An accumulation of semen, usually in a container for drinking, used for a bukkake ceremony.
Hey baby... want some vitamin S?
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
n. A very large penis.

Typically a term used by pathetic non-blacks to exaggerate the size of one's penis by comparing with a black man's penis.
Hey baby, I've got a blackjack; wanna play?
by nekomi.net June 22, 2003
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