Glaswegian slang that means to steal, nick, take something without permission
I bumped a cd the other day
by Stephen McLeod December 04, 2003
adj to swindle, con
you saying you spent 2 grand on that piece of trash? you just got bumped
by real-i-o August 08, 2003
To sell a substance
"yo, i can't chill right now, i've gotta bump this bag real quick."
by Socrates08 November 10, 2009
To "blow off".An alternative to the phrases "fuck that" or "screw this".
Yo, nigga yo shit is whack. bump that!
by M!K3 S^C^H^U^TT^3R June 26, 2003
n. A single hit of crack cocaine smoke.
Yo dog, wanna buy a bump? Only a dolla...get you hiiiiiiiigh as a mothafucka.
by Lucky Loch April 06, 2003
To ask someone of legal drinking age to buy you alcohol.
Jeremy: Yo, dude lets go bump some shady motherfuckers.
Brandon: For sure man I want to get shit-faced.
by J-Rabbit February 15, 2009
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