Verb: To be withheld from public view permanently or temporarily.
Hey, have you heard? The Rapture has been bumped from the bill because the Arctic Monkeys are now playing.
The article on the sex trade has been bumped to the next issue because the PM has called an election.
by Snorkle August 16, 2007
Bump - as in to stitch someone up.
"arr you jus got bumped off hard bruv"

or on opening a newly purchased wrap of drugs that fails to meet expected standards (sizewise) "thas a bump!"
by pacmandem January 03, 2010
To sell a substance
"yo, i can't chill right now, i've gotta bump this bag real quick."
by Socrates08 November 10, 2009
if you have no growler or willy you just have a bump. a bump is usually associated with fluff
John: Do you know mannequin Mike has noting between his legs??
Tony: Yeah he just has a bump
by hibbert23 January 11, 2008
To sniff lines of any drug.
1) I bumped some ketamine.

2) I bumped some cocaine.

3) I bumped some crushed pills.
by estupido April 13, 2005
adj to swindle, con
you saying you spent 2 grand on that piece of trash? you just got bumped
by real-i-o August 08, 2003
n. A single hit of crack cocaine smoke.
Yo dog, wanna buy a bump? Only a dolla...get you hiiiiiiiigh as a mothafucka.
by Lucky Loch April 06, 2003

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