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Enthusiastic, dedicated, keenly desirous.
-Having an unbound craving.
•an avid moviegoer.

•avid for pleasure.

•avid for adventure.
by BeakleyxxProductions June 09, 2007
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A class where kids can see into the future. They will find success, glory, riches, and fame in avid. This future is easily attainable only in Avid. Cause in Avid you learn to be intelligent and responsible. Sure it may be boring in the beginning, but stick with it and you will find the pot of gold in the end of the rainbow. Pot of gold= College , College=fun and crazy times
Avid class of 09, pure success, pure gold
by coolife5 September 02, 2009
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(Advancement Via Indiscriminate Deaths)
A class at West Bend West Highschool that brainwashes you into being a good student.
For the most part, children who are semi-retarded are shoved into the class.
You are forced to carry a 3 inch binder everywhere you go.
The binder could possibly be used as a murder weapon, as it has already demonstrated its ability to crush small children.
The 'binder-carriers' are feared by all.
Mr. B.: Why didn't you get your DAMN homework done?
Winston: 'cause i'm in A.V.I.D.!
Mr. B.: Oh, alright, sorry sire. Shoeshine?
by Athiesmo January 14, 2009
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Some form of ironically large eyes on a small kids head. Aviators are the only form of glasses that can hide them.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE KIDS EYES!!!??? He has Avids, thats pretty embarrassing. He should put those aviators on fast!
by ilovetheblueberrypatch May 13, 2009
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A girl who enjoys to go skydiving and eat pie 24/7. sometimes this person will eat pie WHILE skydiving. They have major skill and are EXTREMELY unpredictable.
"Wow! You've almost finished the entire pumpkin pie. Quit being such an Avid!"
by yeahababayyyallgotthis March 05, 2009
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