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A hand signal exchanged between friends in which they each bump each other's fists thumb-side up. Many friendly people have this worked into a set handshake that may also include a hand slide or other sophisticated hand greeting.
Homeboys bump it when they kick it.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005
A FREE line of coke. (If you have coke, and someone asks you for some, they're asking for it for free. Of course, if a friend offers one, well, then, that's a whole 'nother story...)
Can I get a bump? --OR-- Wanna a bump?
by Family February 12, 2005
To play your music ridiculously loud
Bump it!
by anon June 10, 2004
1. To kill someone
2. To accidentally hit something
1. "I'm sure I bumped him off last year"
2. "I bumped into that table when I wasn't looking and now I need to wear this eye patch"
by Brendan November 11, 2003
Crack; fake crack; cain; boost a high; hit of ketamine ($20)
by Lehem October 18, 2003
taking a hit of cocaine off a the end of a car key.
Wanna take a bump?
by kokane August 02, 2003
To let somebody listen to your mp3, ipod, and zen.
Let me Bump!!
by Aaliyah Babii January 27, 2009