the act of snorting ketamine.
Yo who wantz to take the next bump of this shit??
by oh fo sheeeeeeeeeeeeeezy August 07, 2003
To "blow off".An alternative to the phrases "fuck that" or "screw this".
Yo, nigga yo shit is whack. bump that!
by M!K3 S^C^H^U^TT^3R June 26, 2003
Substitution for the "f" word.
"Oh man bump that club. It's lame."
by Sheila Serio September 29, 2004
A word I used when bring up topics on GameFAQs, until B2K came along and bastardized the word.

Now I use "..."
by dj gs68 July 08, 2003
1. Means 'me smart' in Latin, a fake language.
2. Used in message boards as a post on a thread to bump it up to a higher spot on the board, like keeping it on the first page.
3. When someone pokes him/herself.
4. Stands for Billions of Unbelievable Moronic People
1. person1- bump bump!
person2- Latin isn't a real language.

2. posted by - person1 - Jan 1, 2000---
Latin is a real language!

posted by - person2 - July 31, 2006---

3. Person1 bumps himself on his stomach.

4. I can't believe there are BUMP living in this world!
by heartdreamer July 31, 2006
Bump is slang for bogus. Most commonly used by the top elite. Very popular. Usually used in combination with "totally"
Oh man the prices for those tickets are totally bump!

Wow Brett is not only sketchy but totally bump.
by sweetdreams089 December 28, 2004
To inject an illicit substance (heroin, et. al.) directly under the skin rather than in the muscle, or the preferred way, in the vein. The result is typically, a small bump. This is typically done because your needle is crappy or your veins are shot. Shooting in the muscle typically hurts, so bumping isn't a bad way to go, and it beats snorting, arms down.
I had a shitty needle and needed to bump
My veins were all fucked up and I needed to bump
by i April 23, 2003

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