Insecure Jerk who feels that demeaning others weaker than him will make him appear to be stronger.
"Bullys" are why there is "cyber attacks" etc. Leave smart anti-social people alone! They DO contribute to society.
by brainiacK October 27, 2010
Someone who is completely insecure about their own physical appearance or mental abilities. A bully can be a friend of many years, someone you don't even know though they are often spurred by jealousy they will isolate, ignore, tease, make fun of and ultimately mentally or physically abuse you. Can often be so subtle that other people don't even notice so you once again come out in the bad light. Bullies usually are not to be worried about but can often put a huge amount of stress and anxiety on a person. More so hurtful if they are a close friend. Don't worry though, bullies often end up lonely and without friends, you are strong ignore them :)
number1: "look that girl is talkin about her best friend behind her back"
number2: "geees she's such a freakin bully!"
by cmd12 January 21, 2010
Usage: "Excellent, first-rate, outstanding". An exclamation used to express approval! as in:
"Bully for you!" or "Bully job!"
by Beshimi November 08, 2007
Exclaimed in a deep upper class accent to:

1)Describe something that is good or to be approved of.

2)Express agreement or concurence.

3)Serve as a greeting.
"These chips are awfully bully! Are your chips bully?! Bully!"

by Elpenor June 04, 2009
adjective Used to describe someone acting like an ass.
I'm sorry about that last message. Listen, maybe I was being a little bully. Here are some others.
by rich rick August 01, 2011
A person with serious problems, by making fun of others for his or her enjoyment.
"that person is making fun of that kid he is such a bully"
by Edward369 December 20, 2011
Someone who hates themselves, abused at age six or molested at twelve. Some people justify their foolish actions. But most can't even fathom the psychological hell some of these kids (even adults) put up with just to get by the eight hour school or work day. Most choose not to step in and do anything about it. Whether it be they're scared or it's just none of their business. The word "bully" isn't necessarily strong enough to make people care. It just conjures up the image of a mean burly kid stealing lunch money. When in all reality it's the embarrassment and painful emotional abuse of feeling subhuman.
What a douche. That bully must of had a shi* childhood.
by Fleurdelisa October 09, 2010

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