to kill things that cannot fight back
You are a bully for killing that plant!
by themaster of the man December 07, 2012
Collective noun for a group of adolescent male koala.

In some rare circumstances and for reasons unknown, groups of young male koala are known to gather together into a “bully” of koala. Groups comprising of up to 20 koala have been recorded. A bully of koala will often aggressively patrol their home territory and attempt to capture and attack other animals that they come across. They have been known to attack people. A couple, while hiking near Mt Bogong in Victoria, reported being woken up in their tent and viciously assaulted by a large group of young male koala.
The bully of koala surrounded the wallaby and dragged it to the ground.
by clonemarvin June 02, 2011
Refering to all brachycephalic dogs who can be medium to large in size, well muscled, usually conformationally square and with a short stiff coat of any color.
I went to the park with my bully boy and everyone there stared at him, some came up and asked if we were going to have pups for sale.

Usually referes to:

English Bulldogs
American Bulldogs
Olde English Bulldogges
Olde Boston Bulldogges
American Pit Bull terriers
Various Mastiff breeds...
And other mixed breeds with a heavy Bulldog iunfluence.

Examples can be seen at
by Linda69 September 21, 2005
Bullies or Bully breeds are the best kind of dogs. Everything from boxers mastiffs and bull terriers are bully breeds. They tend to be the most loyal loving animals. They have individual personalities and often are the dog that gets into the most mischief. They tend to believe they are human and care for "their" kids more than other dogs.
What are those and why won't they let me out of my car?-person 1. Oh that's just Diesel Scar and Tank our bullies. They don't know you and the kids are playing over there. -person 2. Example 2. How many dogs do you have? None we just have bullies.
by packmama March 21, 2010
To be Bully, or totally wack.
I Bully, You Bully, He, She, We, It, They, Bully
Other uses:
Part Semi-bully - to be 85% Bully or more

See Melissa and Jaime
The gum on that smoke dectector was soo bully.

Jaime and Melissa are totally unbully.

That turnip is totally bully.
by Melissa_J March 16, 2008
A word used to refer to someone who has defeated you in an argument, in order to regain self-assurance. By referring to this person as a bully, you somehow make them feel bad for having won and made you feel like a dumb-butt. By accomplishing this, you win after all. In this sense of the word, the bully is not stronger than the person he/she is accused of bullying.
Ok, you win, but this makes you a bully.

I cannot prove my point as well as you, now stop bullying me.

Why do you have to be such a bully?
by Dr. Sunshine March 29, 2009
Descriptive term for an aggressive plan.
Chappy's puttin' 500 horses in his whip? That shits flat bully!

The bosses plan to double our square footage in this economy seems pretty bully. I hope it pays off or will all be enroned.
by Frederikco May 01, 2008

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