Bullies are scum, pure and simple. They torment people who can't defend themselves, they revel in the suffering of innocent people who have never done anything to hurt them. They are the REAL reason for the Columbine shootings, they are the main reason for kids dropping out of school, or worse, commiting suicide. It's not just kids who can be bullies, teachers can be even worse, seing as how they have authority over the kids. But when their victims stand up for themselves, their true nature shows: a cowardly, spineless worm.
Bullying is a problem, a much bigger problem than violent video games.
by DeeDurk August 17, 2008
To humiliate, persecute, underestimate, harass, lower, tease, desocialize, hurt, discriminate, jeer, ridicule, bother, disturb, molest, trouble, embarass, mishandle, insult, weaker, injure, harm, affront, torture, offend, prejudice, torment, intimidate...

Arrogant,dictators wannabe,that BULLY other people, to prove that they are the cool ones. What they dont know is that they are slavers of their own clothes, bodies and futilities. Bullying is for those who cannot be as autentic as you.
by Br-BrAiN January 30, 2006
A bully is someone who gets kicked in the ass by karma for being such a jerk - growing up to be nothing more than a cement mixer.
Me: \"Hey, how are you, long time no see. What have you been up to?\"
Bully: \"Not much, just mixin cement.\"
Me: \"Sucks to be you, good luck with your life.\"
by Ashley April 26, 2005
a lesser being of evolution who has to physically or mentelly abuse a poor defenceless person to make him or herself fell good. They get off and hurting the younger or more fragile human beings. All bullies are are prejudice assholes who don't even know a person yet get off by pointing out physical faults. i made up a small poem about bulling

"Bulling isn't big and it isn't clever but no matter how much anybody tries it will be around forever" :-( i know i have been bullied for ten years physically and mentally and the old saying2sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me" is a load of SHIT!!!!! the scars may heel but the words stay in your heart and in your head forever!
Calling names, hitting or pointing out the obviuos but in a cruel way for instence "your fat"
by Robyn Hooper August 23, 2005
An insecure lowlife who gets a high abusing and intimidating smaller, weaker persons but will instantly put their tail between their legs and back down when confronted by dudes the same size as them or larger when karma comes to bite them in the ass.
The best way to defeat a bully is by confronting them. I did it in the 8th grade and beat the snot out of him. At that point, he/she either leaves you alone or stops being a bully alltogether. This proves that bullies are basically self-rightous, "hyped-up" wimps.
by krock1dk April 10, 2008
Someone who either verbally bullys someone or physically.
If i called you fat it would be verbal bullying.
And if i kicked you in the shins it would be physical bullying.
by Mikey Rowlands December 09, 2006
One who typically interacts with others, particularly those percieved as weaker or less powerful, by using tactics of fear and intimidation for the purpose of exercising undue, inappropriate and often arbitrary control over them. The word is derived from the word "bull", and that animal's generally agressive behavior.

The bully is generally interested in power for its own sake and for the sensation of strength it brings them, as opposed to a strategic use of power for the purpose of attaining some specific result. This sensation of strength is of particular value to the bully as it often serves to counteract, at least superficially, underlying self-doubt as to the bully's own value and worth.

Bully can be used as a noun (a bully) or a verb (to bully), which simply means to display the behavior exhibited by a bully.
(n): He was afraid to walk home from school alone for fear that Tom, a neighborhood bully, would spot him.

(v): His father was an insecure man who would often bully his own children simply to impress his drinking buddies.
by Gregory Ross May 28, 2006
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