One who typically interacts with others, particularly those percieved as weaker or less powerful, by using tactics of fear and intimidation for the purpose of exercising undue, inappropriate and often arbitrary control over them. The word is derived from the word "bull", and that animal's generally agressive behavior.

The bully is generally interested in power for its own sake and for the sensation of strength it brings them, as opposed to a strategic use of power for the purpose of attaining some specific result. This sensation of strength is of particular value to the bully as it often serves to counteract, at least superficially, underlying self-doubt as to the bully's own value and worth.

Bully can be used as a noun (a bully) or a verb (to bully), which simply means to display the behavior exhibited by a bully.
(n): He was afraid to walk home from school alone for fear that Tom, a neighborhood bully, would spot him.

(v): His father was an insecure man who would often bully his own children simply to impress his drinking buddies.
by Gregory Ross May 28, 2006
Top Definition
A young hoodlum who revels in making peoples lives a misery during school years. Happily though, when they grow up they will have nothing more to look forward to than getting anally penetrated every day by fellow prisoners in the shower, or, by the prison wardens truncheon ;D
Bully me all you like loser, you're the one who will walk like John Wayne the rest of your life :D
by Wise Man July 17, 2003
A person who makes fun of others based on their own insecurities about life.
Man that big ugly bully makes fun of all of the smaller ugly people.
by Daniel March 10, 2005
The dumbest shit that think that making people miserable is good when it only makes them look dumber.
The bully gets what he deserves if he gets suspended.
by TanooKirby May 17, 2003
Stupid dumbasses who have nothing better to do than pick on weaker victims. These assholes really need to get a life. Also the cause of violence and crimes in society.
Me: Shit! Did you see that? Those guys just robbed a bank! They must be a victim of bullying.
by StraightFMan December 10, 2005
The mean kids at my school who wont stop beating me up just becaus i wear trousers pulled up to my chest, a pink bow tie, huge glasses and orange shoes from giant tiger.
One day i hope us regular kids will stand up to those mean bullies. That will teach them a lesson.
by mj July 07, 2004
A word that former President Theodore Roosevelt used, meaning "great!"
After surviving a shot to the lung and then proceeding to give a three hour speech, Teddy Roosevelt shouted "BULLY!"
by Kurt Branagan November 03, 2003
1. mean kid we all went to school with
2. Mike Comer
3. a-hole who will someday get his
4. angry youth who probably was violated by a priest
Don't be such a bully, you can't have my lunch money.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
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