a game played between all the male members of a party in which everyone throws in ten to twenty dollars a person before the party starts. during the party whomsoever should take home the fattest ugliest girl there (the "buffalo") wins the prize money you must first disclose the location so that your friends can walk in and get the proof
hey man who won buffalo last night i know my bitch weighed at least 280 i couldn't hardly breath
by cumminscomp5.9 March 04, 2009
everybody loves buffalo aka, b-lo, buffalove, bufflehoe .... Inspite of a diminishing economy and having the second highest poverty rate in the U.S it doesn't mean we dont know how to party. we have an outstanding night life and sports teams that are just amazing *cough*. in the west we have latinas and crew camp? in the east we got the GHETT0 * and north and south are for the irish people. we have the greatest suburbs like cheektavegas and the BURG. we have the ancor bar and bars on every street corner along with my mama and the prostitutes. we have a very cold winter and a beautiful summer. the lake is a gorgeous view and it is a way to escape from the city. the marina is the blace to be!! we love to drink! ge' somee ge' somee ! everybody love everybody in buffalo. and buffalonians know how to deal with whatever you throw at them so if you dont live here your a pansy ass bitch.
two dogs are conversing in the streets of buffalo ....
abbi: where can you get some buffalo wings?
rachelle: anywhere ! you can fiind them in a garbage can, at the gas station or local walmart, therse some laying in the basement of that abandond house, and my fat ass priest even hides some in the tabernacle at church!
abbi: what about beerr i love me some labatt on a cold winters day
rachelle: go anywhere for that too you can find it at an AA meeting, the rehab center up the road, those little kids are selling it over there and you can find some reallyy good stuff up my ass right now i saved it for later here just reach right up
abbi: get cho asss out-
rachelle- just grap some its right -
abbi- get the hell out of my hood right now-
rachelle- its really good just grap it it hasn't been there that lon-
abbi- i will beat you skinny spotted asss
rachelle- i see how it is..
by sophia & rachel June 21, 2008
Forget it if you're not Polish
Buffalo is so polski.
by steviedee May 26, 2004
The term used in the gay community to describe a boy or man (often teenage or young adult) who dresses up as a girl, frequently appearing in public or posting online pictures of themselves dressed as a female.

Unlike real transsexuals, and unlike drag queens, buffalos do not dress up for comic effect or from real belief they should be a girl. The exact reason varies with the person, but it tends to be from a mistaken belief that to be beautiful one must emulate "classical beauty", i.e. femininity.

Buffalos therefore often have deep self-image issues which manifest as dressing as something "beautiful", often coupled with a facade of overconfidence or swagger. Buffalos crave the attention given to their new "beautiful" appearance.

The term "buffalo"is derived from "Buffalo Bill", the tortured character in the movie "The Silence of the Lambs" who famously dresses up as a woman while saying "would you do me? I'd do me".
"I went to that new gay club and it was full of buffalos!"
by T-Two January 25, 2012
Noun: Any one of a number of bovine mammals, such as the African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) or the American Bison / American Buffalo (Bison bison).

Buffalo can be plural as well as singular.

Verb: To intimidate, cow, or baffle.

Proper Noun (Place): There are many, many places called Buffalo. The most famous of these is Buffalo, New York, in the United States.

Note: It's a stretch, but the word could be taken as an adjective, as in:
"George Romero is totally buffalo."

Due to these many meanings, the example below is a grammatically correct, full sentence. If you consider the word an adjective, you'd be able to lengthen it.
Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
by Cobb's the name. June 14, 2011
(Verb) When one drinks so heavily that the only means by which to vomit is to collapse onto all fours and projectile vomit while aggressively swaying head left to right resembling that of a buffalo.
I just buffaloed all over your lawn.

I am going to buffalo all over your house.

Let's all buffalo tonight.
by Cacahead22 May 14, 2011
Fat women between the ages of 30-50 that chases younger men.
Roseann buffalo barr
by sempaij February 07, 2011

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